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Your child’s development – educational and social – is our top priority. In a safe, nurturing environment, we guide your child on the path toward fulfilling their individual potential. We believe education is not a one-size-fits all experience, so that path is different for every child. Therefore, we strive to meet the needs of each individual child.

Bilingual Curriculum

- Spanish and English Instruction

- Play centered learning using Creative Curriculum©

- Faith-based supplemental component

- Kindergarten readiness

Individualized Plans

​- Recorded observations

- One on one activities

- Group enrichment activities

- Improvement Tracking

Family Engagement

- Parent Volunteer Opportunities

- Family classroom activities
- Education resources for families
- Community Involvement 

Developmental Assessments

- Measure children's cognitive development (ASQ:3)

- Measure children's social-emotional development (ASQ:SE)
- Assess overall development (Teaching Strategies Gold©)
- Provide resources for parents

Articles & Resources
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